"The Greatest of Nature" International Photography Competition 2020

How to enter

in two easy steps

Step 1: Read the Rules and fill out the online application form (be sure to click "submit").


Step 2: Pay the entry fee. 

And that's all!



The competition is open to all applicants internationally and has no age limit. The aim of the Competition is to encourage the art of photography. In this edition of the Competition, the subject will be Nature: applicants may submit from 1 to 5 original pictures before November 1, 2020. 


- Participants shall submit from 1 to 5 original photographs (taken by the applicant).

- Any picture that is not within the subject of "Nature" (that includes Nature, Death Nature, Animals, Plants and Landscape) will not be accepted.

- The name of the applicant (preferably) must be in the title of the photographs (Example: Name_Surname_Subject.jpg). 


- The final deadline for entries is November 1, 2020. 

- Results will be published at the Competition's website on December 1, 2020.

Entry fee

- The entry fee for each submission (1 to 5 photographs) is:

  •  Before August 31, €30 EUR (14% discount)

  •  Before September 30, €33 EUR (5% discount)

  •  €35 EUR thereafter until deadline.

- The payment shall be done via PayPal. 

- There is also an additional discount of 10% when applying to both Competitions ("The Greatest of Food" and "The Greatest of Nature"). 



- First Grand Prize: €150 (one hundred and fifty) EUR Prize. The selected photographs will be published at the prestigious website of "Greatest Photography Competitions".

- Second Prize: €50 (fifty) EUR Prize. The selected photographs will be published at the prestigious website of "Greatest Photography Competitions".

- Special prizes: Some applicants may win Special Prizes for outstanding photographs.

Privacy Policy

1. By participating in "The Greatest of Nature" International Photography Competition 2020, an applicant accepts the Rules

2. Results are irrevocable.

3. The photographs submitted must be in exclusive property of the applicant, and the Competition does not take responsability in case of any legal problems.

 4. In case the Competition is cancelled, 50% of the application fees will be refunded. 

5. The Winners will need to have a PayPal account that can receive transactions. In case you don't have it ready, you may send it via e-mail before November 15, 2020.

6. All the photographs submitted will remain in the property of the Winners after being published.